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DATROX - Montréal


DATROX Computer Technologies Inc.  /
Technologies Informatiques Datrox Inc.

5985 Chemin St-Francois
St-Laurent, QC
H4S 1B6
Tél: (514) 335-3050
Fax: (514) 335-3051

USA - EU ( Satellite Office / Bureau Satellite )

816 Elm Street, #143
Manchester, NH

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DATROX - A little bit about us ...

Since 1992, Datrox Computer Technologies has grown to become a leading integrator and provider of storage, servers, networking, software, virtualization, and computing solutions for the enterprise and media rich industries, with deep experience in heterogeneous environments (Windows, Linux, Apple, Unix).

In addition to strategic partnerships with recognized brands, DATROX has the expertise to design, architect, and build custom solutions in the areas of data storage (SAN, NAS, RAID), HPC, workstations, servers, and networking. With an extensive selection of storage solutions based on SAS, FC, and Infiniband, entry to high-availability / fail-over architectures, data protection & archiving, DATROX has the storage solution portfolio to meet your data storage, protection, management, and delivery needs.

From the high-end recognizable brands to the simple and standard office computer items, DATROX covers over 100 brands and 100,000 products in the areas of hardware, software, and services. But expertise and best in class mean nothing without our strong commitment to personal service and your satisfaction. In fact, personal service is our number one priority. Indeed, you’ll notice this from your first call – you’ll talk to a live person who will give you lots of undivided attention to your particular needs. So whether you are a Fortune 1000 company looking to consolidate your storage, or a fast growing startup needing assistance with rapid growth, call and experience the difference with DATROX

Datrox’s goal is to work hard at earning your trust, and become your first choice as a technology partner in offering complete business solutions for the enterprise and digital asset / VFX / media rich industries.

As such, in addition to offering the recognized established brands, we go one step further and continually research the market for new leading and innovative technologies, test them in our in-house lab and run POC (Proof Of Concepts), and complement our offerings with innovative solutions with better technology value for the client’s specific needs.

Industries of Focus
Datrox Computer Technologies cover a variety of different verticals, with key expertise to address each of them with their specific technology needs.

Fortune 500

Mid to Large organizations with general or project driven computer technology requirements in the areas of systems, virtualization, storage, and networking.

M&E ? (Media & Entertainment) / Broadcaster

Media & Entertainment / news media shops and school, Government and Private Broadcasters, and the post-production, film/video, Special Effects houses and Service Bureaus


Aerospace, Communication, and Biotechnology manufacturers, using state-of-the-art Servers and Visual computing workstations for design.


Departmental and large agencies providing IT infrastructure support and services to internal and external customers.


All universities and private schools, with R&D, development, and Visual/Animation departments, typically with close ties with the manufacturing and entertainment industries.


Enterprise level web and email hosting solutions with backend infrastructure support for networking, Failsafe, storage and backup solutions.

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