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DATROX - Montréal


DATROX Computer Technologies Inc.  /
Technologies Informatiques Datrox Inc.

5985 Chemin St-Francois
St-Laurent, QC
H4S 1B6
Tél: (514) 335-3050
Fax: (514) 335-3051

USA - EU ( Satellite Office / Bureau Satellite )

816 Elm Street, #143
Manchester, NH

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DATROX - The people that make our difference !

Vision is the Art of Seeing the Invisible

You can have all the great brand names and technologies at your disposal, but without experience and vision, the outcome may be average!

Each individual at DATROX comes with a long road of experience, but it is the synergy between them that produces a team that is highly focused, and trained to produce quality solutions and implementations for the most complex of IT challenges.

Here are some of our senior leaders.

Robert Daoust

President & CEO

Robert Daoust has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Datrox Computer Technologies Inc. since he founded the company in 1992. He is responsible for overseeing Datrox’s operations and sales, as well as managing most of the corporate functions including technology and strategic planning.

Prior to founding Datrox, Robert worked as the Vice-President of a reseller-integrator of DEC main-frame/mini-frame systems. Prior to that time, Robert was a hardware engineer for specialized 3D, navigation and visualization system companies in the military and aerospace industries.

Robert graduated from McGill university in the Electrical Engineering honours program, as well as achieved his MBA at McGill.


Nicolas Zawacki

Director of Technologies

Nicolas Zawacki has been the director of technologies at Datrox for over 10-years.? He oversees new product research and testing in our R&D lab, and is responsible for all major solution integration and implementations at client sites.

Nicolas comes with a deep background in data center and enterprise solutions, including key expertise in the media rich and entertainment industry.

Previously worked at Xiotech as a senior system engineer, responsible for SAN sales and on-site implementations

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